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Phoenix Ember

Phoenix Ember


Phoenix Ember Specialties

I genuinely enjoy being a BDSM, Tantra, and NURU Seattle provider, and my enjoyment is based on a common theme: Your Reactions

Tantra & NURU with Phoenix Ember

What is Tantra & NURU?

Tantra is the practice of mindfulness and self-control within sensual experiences. Being aware of you mind-body connection during sensual experiences can be transcendent.
NURU is a Japanese erotic massage technique which requires the masseuse to slide their body against the clients using massage gel. Please see an example here.
Combining the two practices create a simultaneously relaxing and stimulating experience. Guaranteed to overwhelm your senses and leave you tingling for hours. It is also a great way to practice and learn better stamina control!
Sacred spot (prostate massage), hot stones, and reciprocal touching, kissing, and licking are all optional during Tantric NURU!

My Massage Talents

I specialize both Tantra practice and NURU technique. I enjoy and gain great satisfaction from introducing my clients to Tantra and NURU. In my experience the best way to enjoy the combination of the two is to use Tantra to relax my clients and encourage the connection between mind and body. This will ensure my clients are completely relaxed and open to receiving my Tantra or energy. As I begin to feel that my clients are relaxing, and their bodies are opening I will begin adding more sensual stimulating sensations. This could be a lighter, more sensual touch or maybe my fingernails against their inner thigh or my mouth on their ear. After I know the client is responding well to everything, I continue to add more sensations and eventually my body and breathing techniques. I relish in watching you moan, and squirm and try to breath deeper in every breath! This all comes together most magically to create a crescendo of sensory overload and euphoria!

Funnily enough, being a natural dominant comes into play during this booking because I am the one facilitating the comfort, relaxation, as well as controlling your stimulations and intensity. You are along for the ride, in the best way possible as you get to relax, release, and completely enjoy, as well as learn some interesting ways to build endurance!

BDSM, Kinks & Fetishes with Phoenix Ember

See all my BDSM interests


BDSM is an acronym for Bondage, Discipline, Sadism and Masochism, and as D/s or Dominance and Submission. There is a huge variety of activities that fit into the BDSM realm from very traditional D/s strict dominant discipline to a much more sensual domination, and everything in-between! I’d love to assist you in your exploration of BDSM as a Seattle BDSM provider.


I love restraints, bondage, not so much. I am neither an experienced bondage provider, nor do I enjoy hours of rope play. I prefer to use comfortable restraints, and clips to achieve what bondage can achieve in a much longer time. If you are deeply interested in rope bondage, I would suggest finding another provider.


I am both experienced and greatly enjoy discipline. Keep in mind there are many levels of discipline and not all of it require me telling you precisely what to do during our time together. I am versatile and can easily be an extremely strict Domme and require you to do things for me or be punished, and I can also be firm, and stay in control without being controlling or demanding. Some people enjoy humiliation and name calling, others just want to be submissive without humiliation. It all depends on the scene and participant comfort levels.


BDSM is an acronym for Bondage, Discipline, Sadism and Masochism, and as D/s or Dominance and Submission. There is a huge variety of activities that fit into the BDSM realm from very traditional D/s strict dominant discipline to a much more sensual domination, and everything in-between! I’d love to assist you in your exploration of BDSM as a Seattle BDSM provider.


I am not a masochist, but I deeply enjoy facilitating a safe space and using my true sadism to provide a wonderful environment for my clients to enjoy their masochism, uninhibited.

Kinks and Fetishes with Phoenix Ember

Tie & Tease/Orgasm Control

This is one of my absolute favorite activities! I thoroughly love restraining you to my massage table, bed or maybe on your knees and then having my way with you! I love sensually teasing and edging while your restrained, making you want it oh-so-badly! I love watching you squirm, giggle, pout, and whine as it all encourages me to tease you more until you are absolutely begging for climax! Explore orgasm control with a Seattle edging expert!

Strap-On Play/Pegging

I am a Seattle pegging expert! I have a vast variety of strap on dildos, all shapes and sizes, there is sure to be one that fits you like a glove! Do not fret, because I can be very gentle and slow for first timers. I also have incredible strength in my abs and glutes which gives me endurance for hours, or as long as you can last! I enjoy bending you over in front of me watching me from the mirror or having you face up and watching at every thrust into you.

Prostate Play/Prostate Massage

I absolutely adore introducing prostate massage to curious minds and watch their body squirm in ecstasy and facial expressions change as they’re trying to figure out the magic that is happening down there! I also enjoy using one of my many vibrating toys and p-spot specific toys to really stimulate you in ways my fingers cannot.

Some clients are lucky enough to experience the sensation to ejaculating without orgasm. This sensation is the prostatic fluid (the fluid produced by the prostate) moving up and out of their body.

My clients have reported experiencing longer, more intense orgasms during prostate massage. Some have even claimed to experience the best orgasms of their life with prostate play.

Why wait more time before trying something that is sure to blow your mind? Book with a Seattle prostate massage expert!

Body Worship/Queening

You knew from the second you saw my pictures that you wanted to worship me, and I cannot blame you for it. Look at my perfect petite, athletic body. I am sculpted like a Greek Goddess and anyone would be blessed to have their hands and mouth on my body, pleasing me. I find it especially easy to find a Domme mind when I am being massaged, pampered, and worshipped from head to toe, licking and touching every inch of my Godly beauty. Or I will gladly sit myself right on top of your face and remind you of your place! You will shortly forget about breathing as I’m smothering you with my ass and thighs, breathing in my heavenly scent. I love every single second of being worshipped and you will know because I do not hold back. Book your Seattle Body Worship session today!

Corporal Punishment

I am a Seattle spanking expert and greatly enjoy putting my submissive on their knees and bending them over to spank them with my paddle, flogger, cane, or even my gloved hand! I love putting you on your knees and forcing your head into my breasts whilst flogging you! I also enjoy all forms of corporal punishment and not just spanking. Hitting, kneeing, caning, and stomping are all some lovely forms of different corporal punishment I enjoy! Book with me if you are interested in seeing a Seattle Corporal Punishment provider!

CBT/Ball Busting

Do you want my sexy stiletto heel sinking into your precious gems? Maybe my thigh-high platform boots against your hard cock? Or maybe I’ll use a sensory toy like a pinwheel to see how much pain your dick and balls can take. I also love using my miniature floggers for some amazing ball busting! I do all this while also stroking and stimulating your cock and balls, reminding them how much pleasure there is to be had with pain! You have found your Seattle CBT expert!

Regardless of any play, it should always be consensual and something all parties enjoy participating in. One sided BDSM/Fetish/Kink play is neither enjoyable nor encouraged.

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