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Phoenix Ember

Phoenix Ember


Phoenix Ember
Tantric NURU ~ Hedonist ~ Sensual Domme Godddess

" I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

-Maya Angelou

I am no ordinary woman, nor am I an ordinary provider. I am fierce, sensual, and wild. I am confident in exuding my sensuality. I know what I want, and I take it. I am intelligent, well-spoken, and sophisticated. My vivacious and warm nature will immediately comfort you, then behind closed doors, I will ignite a fire within you did not know you had. I will awaken something deep inside you, something primal that has always been there. I will drive you wild with my bright red hair, devious smile, and soul-piercing hazel eyes. I will make you forget about everything else around you and lose yourself in me.

Erudite, ardent, and versatile describe me well. I was trained to be a professional dominant early in my career and I have taken what I have learned and enjoyed in the dungeon and made it my own. I can be a sensual NURU Goddess who will happily take turns on my massage table to make each other quiver. I can be a sensual Domme Goddess who straps you into my sex swing and have my way with you. I love being sensual and I love being in control. I exceed in both roles because I am both a sensual seductress and a dominant Goddess.

Personal Interests
" Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known."

-Carl Sagan

In my personal life I am committed to life-long learning and self-advancement both inside and outside of the classroom. I am an intellectual and have an intense curiosity for the world and universe around us.

A few of my hobbies and passions include continuing my education, reading, research, movies, new food, PC & console games. I love all things science, but astrophysics and astronomy are my favorites! If you have not already guessed by my quote above Carl Sagan is my favorite scientist and astronomer. I also have a passion for fitness and maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle that includes biking, hiking with my dog, weightlifting, downhill skiing, tennis, and many other activities!

I live my life with purpose rather than just merely existing in it. As a natural redhead I am just below 2% of the world’s population and my personality is as rare as my hair color making me confident as well as having a lasting impression. I purposely live a life that I love, unapologetically and with never-ending sense of wanderlust and adventure. An encounter with me is sure to be everlasting and unforgettable!

Physical Stats
" Nothing you can wear is sexier than confidence."


I am petite and athletic, but do not let my petite frame fool you! I am confident and command attention everywhere I go! I have both natural curls and natural fiery red hair, and the softest alabaster skin you have ever felt!

I currently have a natural B cup, with a firm round derriere. I have ear piercings, and no tattoos. I have fuzzy natural red hair on both my armpits and my pelvis--a redhead lover’s dream! I always have my nails manicured and perfectly pedicured feet!

Height | 5’2”
Weight | 115lbs Fluctuating
Measurements | 34-26-36
Body Build | Petite and Athletic
Hair | Natural Red
Eyes | Hypnotizing Hazel

I adore gifts!
" Every gift from a friend is a wish for your happiness."

-Richard Bach

Should you wish to bring something for me upon our meeting you may visit my Wishlist here if you desire to purchase me something. I also love a quality 420 edible as well as sweet confections. Macaroons from Lady Yum are my absolute favorite!

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