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Phoenix Ember

Phoenix Ember

Frequent Questions

Non-Discrimination Policy

I am open to meeting all folks (of legal age) regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, size, and ability. I do not see clients under 25 years of age. Please note that my incall is not wheelchair accessible.

Do you see women, trans or non-binary?

Yes, please! I adore seeing women, trans and non-binary alike. I identify as pansexual and am interested in all genders and people!

Do you see other providers (sex workers)?

Abso-fucking-lutely! I am flattered I caught your attention and would like to offer you any booking to you at a 50% discount! Slide into my inbox, babe!

Do you see couples, or groups of people?

Yes, I see couples! For an additional 50% of my normal rate and a minimum of 90 minutes. I adore seeing couples whether you both want to be topped, or you want to top your partner together, I am down! I also am happy to facilitate a learning space for you if you are looking to add new kink into your love life with your partner. I love teaching proper and safe BDSM/Kink including, but not limited to, prostate massage, edging and impact play. I do not see groups of people currently, however once COVID-19 is under better control I will be available again to groups of people, parties etc. for BDSM/Kink

Where are you located?

My luxurious appointed incall is in Georgetown, Seattle. My private, upscale apartment is close to the I-5, and the local bus is stop is right outside! Parking is also included and free!

Do you offer outcall bookings?

Yes, but only to upscale Seattle or Bellevue hotels. If you would like me to come to your private residence, I need to have seen you at least 4 times in the same year.

What payment methods to you accept?

Cash only please! When we are meeting in public, please put the cash into a card or book, no envelopes please! Envelopes are acceptable for private meetings.

What is your availability?

I am available Monday thru Friday 12pm to 9pm. I am available outside of my normal working hours for an additional $100 convenience fee.

Are you available for same day bookings?

Please understand that same day availability is not the same as last minute availability. I require a minimum of 2 hours’ notice for same day bookings!

Do you see newbies?

Yes! If you are new to this, please fill out my booking form in full and I will get back to you!

What is Tantric NURU?

T antra is the practice of mindfulness and self-control within sensual experiences. Being aware of you mind-body connection during sensual experiences can be transcendent.
NURU is a Japanese erotic massage technique which requires the masseuse to slide their body against the clients using massage gel. Please see an example on the homepage of my website here.
Combining the two practices create a simultaneously relaxing and stimulating experience. Guaranteed to overwhelm your senses and leave you tingling for hours. It is also a great way to practice and learn better stamina control!

What do you offer during Tantric NURU?

I am going to completely relax you with an incredibly relaxing and stimulating massage while practicing Tantra breathing techniques and NURU body to body sliding. I will use both my hands, body, and mouth to stimulate and excite you closer towards the climax. My goal is to open your mind and body to accept my sensual and erotic energies while slowly edging you closer and closer. Hot stones, and sacred spot (prostate massage) are optional. This booking also includes optional reciprocal touching, massaging, kissing, and licking!
I do not offer BDSM/Kink activities during this booking! If you want to combine Tantric NURU with BDSM/Kink, you’ll want to book Captivating Kink with me and let me know that you’d like to incorporate massage in with the BDSM/Kink fun!

I’m not into kink, do you offer traditional GFE companionship?

No, I am not a GFE provider and I do not offer a ‘full service’ experience. However, both the experiences I offer include optional reciprocal touching, massaging, kissing, and licking!

Do you offer sensual kink?

Yes! That is my favorite kind of Dominant/submissive relationship!

Do you offer traditional BDSM or unusual kinks?

Yes! If you are unsure if I allow a specific kink, please mention your interests in your introduction to me so I can make sure we are compatible.

May I touch you and kiss you during Captivating Kink?

Yes! I encourage touch and I adore being touched! I will also be touching you intimately with my hands, body, and mouth. I also welcome kissing everywhere on my body, but my mouth is to decide whether your lips are worthy of mine!

What should I call you during our time together?

If you are seeing me for a non-kink booking you may call me Phoenix, or Miss Ember. If you are seeing me for BDSM/Kink booking you may call me Goddess, Miss, Mistress, or Daddy.

Do you offer a combination of Tantric NURU and BDSM/kink sessions?

Yes! If you want to combine both sessions, you’ll want to book Captivating Kink with me and let me know that you’d like to incorporate massage in with the BDSM/kink fun!

What kind of BDSM and kinks/fetishes do you like?

You may see all that I enjoy in the BDSM/Kink/Fetish realm .

Do you offer virtual services?

Aside from my online content of kinky pictures and videos you can find here.
I do not offer any other virtual services.

Do I need to prepare prior for our booking?

This all depends on what activities we will be enjoying together! I always require my clients to shower, so you can feel extra clean and be sanitized. However, that may not be a sufficient way of cleaning if you are preparing for prostate or pegging booking. I would highly suggest an anal enemy before engaging in any anal activity. You’re welcome to do so at my incall but know that it will count towards our time together, and it will likely be messy. If you are new and you are not sure what you need to do here is a helpful guide: How to Use an Enema Safely

Do I need to shower prior to our booking?

I require all my clients to shower upon arrival to my incall. I will also offer the shower to you before you leave so you can be fresh and clean for wherever you are going!

Do I need to wear a mask?

I do not require them, however, if you would like to wear a mask, and have me wear a mask during the entirety of our booking you’re welcome to do so! To promote this, I am offering a $50 discount for those that opt for masks!

Do you accept references as screening?

No, I do not accept references as screening because they are highly subjective and unreliable method for screening.

I am a P411/TER/ECCIE/TNA ETC member. Do I have to screen?

Yes, you do still need to screen. If you are not comfortable with my screening requirements, we’re not a match and I suggest finding a provider who’s screening requirements are more in line with your needs.

May I leave you a review?

I accept tasteful reviews that do not go into explicit details of our time together. If you cannot write a review without specifying activities or find yourself using abbreviations for explicit details, you should not leave me a review. If you do leave a review that I find distasteful I will ask you to remove it. I only accept Reviews on PrivateDelights or TNABoard, never TER!

May I use you as a reference?

Yes, you may use me as a reference if we have seen each other within six months. I will give you one reference for one completed booking and two for two completed bookings and so on. To use me as a reference, please submit your request via email. If I do not have record of your permission, I will not give out any information regarding our time together.

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