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Phoenix Ember

Frequent Questions

Where are you located?

I am located in Georgetown, Seattle. My private, upscale apartment is very close to the I-5, as well as local bus lines. I also have a reserved parking spot at my incall location for my clients! No need to worry about finding parking! Unfortunately the link light rail does not have a close station nearby, but Lyft or Uber would get you right to me!

Please note that I do not offer outcall appointments, and I only offer incall at my own location.

Do you see (enter gender/race here)?

I see all people and do not discriminate on gender or race. I only ask that you be over the age of 21. Please note that I do not see couples or groups of people at this time.

What are your rates?

I have many different offerings and rates, please visit my Offerings and Rates page to view them all. Please note that my rates are absolutely non-negotiable. Please make yourself familiar with my rates prior to our time together as discussion of my rates with result in termination of our time together immediately. If you'd like to extend our time together please be prepared with additional cash or payment method prior to extension.

What payment methods to you accept?

I prefer cash, but I also accept Cash App and credit/debit cards through square card reader. Please note that if I use square or cash app there's an additional fee of $50 for transaction and transfer fees.

What times do you work/what is your schedule?

I am available Monday-Friday from 10am until 8pm, meaning 10am is when I start my workday and 8pm is when I am done for the day. I am available on the weekends when pre-booked in advance during the hours of 11am until 7pm. I require weekend bookings to be made at least three days in advance of the requested date.

May I see you outside your working hours?

Yes, if you'd like to see me outside my working hours please add an extra $50 to my rate. Same day bookings outside my working hours are an extra $100. Please understand that this a convenience fee. I have a life outside my work like most people and I want to enjoy my time off. It's difficult to have much of a personal life without a routine schedule.

Do you offer BBBJ CIM, Greek, etc

Please do not ask me if I offer specific explicit services, as I will not answer and our communication or session will be terminated. I offer an experience, not a list of services. If you're curious to what I enjoy in the BDSM realm please see here.

Should I arrive early?

Please arrive precisely on time, not early, not late. If you are early please wait in your car or explore the shops around my incall location until it is time to come in. If you are late please inform me as soon as you know so I can plan accordingly. Please note that no extra time will be added onto your session if you are running behind.

Should I shower before I arrive?

You are absolutely welcome to shower before your arrival, however I encourage my clients to shower at my incall, before and after the appointment. Please keep in mind that I have impeccable hygiene and I expect the same from you prior to relaxing on my massage table.

May I use you as a reference?

Yes, you may use me as a reference if we've seen each other within six months. I will give you one reference for one appointment and two for two appointments and so on. Please let me know before you use me as a reference so I will be prepared and reminded of you and our time together upon the provider contacting me. If you do not contact me prior to the reference request I cannot guarantee I will give a reference.


I like open and honest people, that are respectful and intelligent. I do not like boundary pushing, bad hygiene and asking rude or explicit questions that will ruin the experience.


I love being cherished both in and out of the bedroom, but massaging me, both deeply and gently along with body worship and genuine enjoyment of my body will make me feel amazing and really want to express an equally enjoyable experience for you! I greatly enjoy taking my time, and really cherishing my partner and their body. I love exploring with different sensations and techniques to really heighten the experience.


I started in BDSM and training to be a professional Dom. I trained for about a year, and really enjoyed BDSM. I found that I truly enjoyed being a dominant, and it came very natural to me, but I also wanted to explore more sensual experiences. I first started doing this in Los Angelos and realized that there was also a big clientele for more sensual domination. I then started offering strictly vanilla bodywork as well, but also had many requests for both. This is when I created what I now offer as Blissful Kink, which is both vanilla nuru bodywork as well as offering kink, and fetish specific fun! I now offer the best of both worlds, and am always acquiring more toys and equipment for both session types.


I truly enjoy facilitating a safe and comfortable environment for people to relax and enjoy their sensual well-being. As I started in this industry I was facilitating a true fantasy-fulfillment experience and I really want to do that for both kink and vanilla sessions. I think a lot of people start to lose true connections to other humans, and I think this is especially true with their lovers. I encourage a true and meaningful connection physically, mentally, and emotionally. I really want my clients to feel comfortable and connected during the session and to truly relish and lose themselves in the experience.

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