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Phoenix Ember


Phoenix Ember



Blissful Decadence

My signature Tantra Infused Nuru Erotic Massage
This is my most relaxing and sensual bodywork session. I combine Tantra energy with Nuru body sliding technique to create the ultimate erotic massage experience!
Allow yourself to relax on my warmed table so I may use my artisanal touch and tight little petite body to send you into bliss! While relaxing you and simultaneously stimulating all your nerves I’ll have your body quivering in euphoria!
I’ll be using a variety of hand, body and mouth techniques to keep seducing you and electrifying your body’s senses.
This booking includes optional reciprocal touching, massaging, kissing, and licking! I adore being pampered as well, however, if you are just looking to be pampered and nurtured that is also encouraged.

90 min | $450

Kinky Decadence

My signature Tantra Infused Nuru Tie & Tease Session!
This experience is my personal take on the Bondassage. Including restraints, blindfolds, teasing and edging along with my tantalizing body sliding Nuru experience. This is my mid-level intensity session, a happy medium in between full-on relaxing and full-on kink.

Allow yourself to be restrained to my table so I may use my artisanal touch and tight little petite body to send you into relaxation! I will relax you and simultaneously stimulate each nerve ending making your entire body quiver under my control. Feel my breath against your spine to your neck and make you anticipate my next move, while I whisper in your ear that you’re mine.

I’ll be using a variety of techniques and toys to tease, stroke, tickle, spank, and electrify your body. I’ll be sure to keep all your senses stimulated with my vast selection of sensory toys! Allow yourself to slip into submission and be kept on edge between pure ecstasy and anticipation!

This booking includes everything in Blissful Decadence plus optional light kink play!

90 min | $540

Domination and Kink/Fetish Play

Fiery Kink

Uninhibited Domination and Kink
My take on domination and kink is uninhibited, sensual, and encouraging a genuine D/s relationship. I provide a safe and luxuriously equipped space for both experienced and beginner friends alike.

Surrender yourself to me and lose yourself in both my overwhelming Dominant presence and your servitude. I’ll kiss, tease, and edge you while reminding you of your place, below me.

Oh, the fun we can have together!

Allow my expertise to awaken your sub space and devote yourself to my pleasure. Your pleasure is also my own as your reactions fuel my profound desire to Dominate you. I know exactly what you desire so let me do what I do best, control you.

View my Kink and Domination interests

Quick Kink
2 hours or less | $800

Dine & Domme
3 hours | $1200

Domme & Day/Night Out
6 hours | $2000

Reserved for returning friends only

Serve me Breakfast in Bed
12 hours | $3000

Day with your Domme
24 hours | $5000

Weekend Adventure
48 hours | $10000

Each additional day $3000

Fly Me To You

Available only for Fiery Kink
Invite me to join you on your next out-of-town adventure, island vacation or international trip! I absolutely adore traveling, learning about new cultures, exploring new areas, and trying new food! I am passport ready!

6 hour minimum for west coast dates outside of Seattle Area.

12 hour minimum for Midwest and East Coast

24 hour minimum for international trips.

Airfare, all meals, and 4 – 5-star hotel accommodations are to be taken care of by you. First or business class preferred so that I may arrive refreshed and in the best spirits possible.

About My Experiences

Do you offer full-service GFE?

No, I do not allow fingers, toys, nor appendages (penis) insertion on myself during any of my bookings. This is a strictly hard limit, so do not ask, unless you’d like to terminate communication, or our session together.

What is the difference in your sessions?

Blissful Decadence is a complete relaxing, indulgent, and optionally reciprocal erotic body-to-body sliding massage which includes light GFE (mutual touching, massaging, kissing, and licking).
Kinky Decadence is everything included in Blissful Decadence plus light kink. It’s my mid-level intensity booking that combines relaxation and indulgence with light kink.
Fiery Kink is sensual, uninhibited kink, BDSM, and fetish play. It is focused on our D/s relationship, and our kink interests. I’m like the super-hot kinky girlfriend you never had!

What BDSM/Kinks/Fetishes do you offer and not offer?

You may see my kink interests for Kinky Decadence here. You may see my kinks and hard limits for Fiery Kink here. If you do not see a specific interest you want, please screen with me and send me your kink interests to me so I may determine if we’re compatible.

May I touch you and kiss you during your experiences?

Yes! I encourage touch and I adore being touched! I will also be touching you intimately with my hands, body, and mouth. I also welcome kissing everywhere on my body, including my mouth!

What name(s) do you prefer?

I prefer the following honorifics: Goddess, Miss, Mistress, Daddy or simply Phoenix. Please refrain from addressing me as any pet names like ‘babe’ ‘sweetie’ or ‘love’.

Do you offer virtual services?

Aside from my online content of kinky pictures and videos you can find here. I do not offer any other virtual services.

Do I need to shower prior to our booking?

No, but you’re welcome to, however I will require you to shower upon your arrival to my incall. I will also offer the shower to you before you leave so you can be fresh and clean for wherever you are going!

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