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Phoenix Ember

Phoenix Ember


Tantric NURU Massage

More than just a massage this booking is on a whole other level of experience! It is centered around pampering, relaxing, and comforting you in ways you may thought were not possible with a new partner. Allow me to use my body and my mouth in the most creative ways to bring you into complete and utter euphoria whilst simultaneously keeping you right on the edge of climax! This booking includes optional reciprocal touching, massaging, kissing, and licking! However, if you are just looking to be pampered and nurtured that is also welcome and encouraged!
Hot stones and sacred spot (prostate massage) are optional.
*See a video preview of my Tantric NURU here.

Extended Decompress
I absolutely adore extended bookings where we can relax, have dinner, and maybe go on a little adventure together before I completely melt you to my table.
$1800 | 6 hr
$1400 | 4 hr

Brief Relaxation
$750 | 2 hr
$550 | 1.5 hr
$400 | 1 hr

$100 Additional fee for all outcall
50% to my normal rate and a minimum of 90 minutes for couples

Captivating Kink

I am a natural dominant and I absolutely relish being in control, especially in control of you. I have an extensive variety of BDSM, and fetish interests you can find . I strive to facilitate a space for you to feel safe and be uninhibited during our kink time together! I am versatile and can facilitate a traditional, sensual, or even unusual kink experience.
Please include your interests in your introduction when requesting this experience with me.
If you would like to play at a fully equipped dungeon, please see The Crow’s Nest rental property here. Please note that a minimum of 2 hours play is required to play at the Crow’s Nest with me and you must pay for all rental fees and deposits.

Decadent Extravagance
Serve me breakfast in bed
$5000 | up to 24 hours
$4000 | up to 16 hours

Hedonistic Adventure
Let’s combine our kinks with dinner or a day adventure!
$2400 | up to 8 hours
$1600 | up to 4 hours

Brief Exploration
Let’s explore our kinks together with my expertise!
$900 | 2 Hr
$700 | 1.5 Hr
$500 | 1 Hr

$100 Additional fee for all outcall
50% to my normal rate and a minimum of 90 minutes for couples

All bookings 4 hours or more MUST include a social activity

Want some ideas for an extended date? Here are some activities I enjoy:
• 420 fun with pizza and video games and/or movies
• Exploring Seattle parks together with/without our furry friend(s)
• Spa day with pampering massages, skin treatments and lunch
• Hiking Seattle’s trails or snowshoeing
• Shopping trip to spoil me with whatever I may like or need
• Enjoying cocktails and scintillating conversation at my incall or Seattle bar
• Biking through Seattle/Seattle’s parks and trails
• Day trip to Portland (I’ve never been)
• SUP on one of Seattle’s beautiful bodies of water
• Taking me out on your boat/or renting a boat

Seattle Nuru Massage
Seattle Nuru Masseuse
Vip Seattle Bodyslides
Vip Seattle Bodyslides
Seattle Nuru Masseuse
Seattle Nuru Massage
Vip Seattle Bodyslides



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