× COVID-19 Safety Protocols
Because of the recent surge in COVID-19 across the country I am currently requiring specific screening you can find here.

Phoenix Ember

Phoenix Ember


COVID-19 Safety Protocols

In order to keep both myself and my clients best health and safety in mind I have decided to instill the following non-negotiable guidelines:

All clients will be required to have their temperature taken and shower at the beginning of our appointment. Refusal to do so will result in immediate end of the session and forfeiture of session rate. If you begin to develop symptoms or receive a positive COVID test after a session, I ask that you inform me as soon as possible so that I can cancel any planned engagements and prevent any possible spread, and of course I will reciprocate.

I cannot see people who:
-Have experienced any of the following symptoms in the last 2 weeks: fever of 100 degrees or more, shortness of breath, dry cough, new loss of taste or smell, chills, body aches, sore throat, fatigue, headache, congestion, runny nose, nausea, or diarrhea.
-Are over the age of 65 or are a part of any other high risk groups.
-Have seen another provider in the last 7 days.
-Have participated in events with more than 10 people, been in public around any number of people without wearing a mask, or share common space with folks who have engaged in such behavior in the past 7 days.

If you do not meet my requirements at this time, you are welcome to pre-screen for a future date, just mention it in your booking form.


Please choose from one of the following screening options below and send me the information via my booking form or email. If you feel uncomfortable sending attachments through my website you are welcome to email me all the information via [email protected]. If you also have a protonmail address our emails will be encrypted end to end. Signal messenger and Whatsapp also offer end-to-end encryption for secure text messaging!

Option 1: Secure Deposit
-Please send me a $50 deposit to me through CashApp. I will give you my CashApp information when this screening method is chosen.

Option 2: Community Membership
-Please include your handle/username if you’re a member of a client verification site, or a review board with references/okays. I will need you to verify your handle/username and then I will have to check your references on the review board/client verification site.

Option 3: Personal Information
-Please provide your personal phone number that is attached to your legal name (no burner nor voip), legal first and last name, your birth date MM/DD/YYYY and government issued ID that matches your provided legal name. You can also just send a selfie with your photo ID next to your face, or a selfie and then your photo ID. You’re welcome to hide all information on your ID with the exception of your picture, name, and birthdate.

Option 4: Work Verification
-Please provide government issued ID and work verification information. This could include a business card that matches your photo ID, a business badge that matches your photo ID,a blank email sent from your work account that is tied to your company website (no gmail/yahoo/hotmail). You’re welcome to hide all information on your ID with the exception of your picture, name, and birthdate.

Cancellation Policy

I understand that life can sometimes be unpredictable! If you need to reschedule, please let me know at least 24 hours in advance and I will cancel or reschedule your appointment with no additional fee. If you must cancel, reschedule more than once, or provide me less than 24 hours notice of your request to reschedule, you must pay 100% of the scheduled appointment. Please understand that same day cancellations are not often filled by another client and I will lose significant income when this happens. If you refuse to pay or do not pay within 24 hours of cancellation you will be put on a no-see list. To be removed from my no-see list you must pay your cancellation fee and the next requested appointment fee up front through Cashapp. Please email me for the details of my Cashapp if you wish to be removed from my no-see list.

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