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Phoenix Ember

Phoenix Ember

About Me


While I am quite fierce, I am also incredibly sensual. I love the moments when I am with someone and they learn to accept themselves and let their desires flow and unfold naturally. This new feeling of freedom is what I try to make sure I provide in all my sessions. I encourage my clients to be open, honest, comfortable and to allow yourself to experience an incredibly sensual connection with another human being. Human connection both physical and non-physical are important to all people and I love spreading that pleasure and knowledge with you.

What Do You Enjoy About Being A Provider?

I truly enjoy facilitating a safe and comfortable environment for people to relax and feel comfortable enough to open-up and express their sensuality. As I started in this industry I was facilitating a true fantasy-fulfillment experience and I really want to do that for both kink and vanilla sessions. I think a lot of people lose close intimacy experiences, and I think this is especially true with their lovers. I encourage a true and meaningful connection physically, mentally, and emotionally. I really want my clients to feel comfortable and connected during the session and to truly relish and lose themselves in the experience.

How Did You Get Started as A Provider?

I started in BDSM and training to be a professional Domme. I trained for about a year, and really enjoyed BDSM. I found that being a dominant came very natural to me, but I also wanted to explore more sensual experiences. I first started doing this in Los Angeles and realized that there was also a big clientele for more sensual domination. I then started offering strictly vanilla bodywork as well, but also had many requests for both. This is when I created what I now offer as Blissful Kink, which is both vanilla Nuru bodywork as well as offering kink, and fetish specific fun! I now offer the best of both worlds and I am always acquiring more toys and equipment for both session types.

Likes and Dislikes Inside the Bedroom

I love being cherished both in and out of the bedroom, but massaging me, both deeply and gently along with body worship and genuine enjoyment of my body will make me feel amazing and really want to express an equally enjoyable experience for you! I greatly enjoy taking my time, and really cherishing my partner and their body. I love exploring with different sensations and techniques to really heighten the experience.

Likes and Dislikes Outside the Bedroom

I like open and honest people, that are respectful and intelligent. I do not like boundary pushing, bad hygiene and asking rude or explicit questions that will ruin the experience.

Spoil Me

Should you wish to bring something for me upon our meeting some of my favorite drinks are flavored sparkling water, and Chai Tea. I also love chocolate or regular croissants. I also love books, and you can find my Amazon wish list here.

Some of my favorite stores are:
Honey Birdette
Thistle & Spire
Cash tips are also welcomed!

Want To Know More About Me?

Some of my favorite things are
My favorite fiction book is
The Giver Quartet by Lois Lowry

My favorite non fiction book is
The Demon Haunted World, by Carl Sagan

My favorite food is Tacos.

Favorite wine is Riesling
I prefer light and fruity, the best Rieslings are German.

My favorite color is green.

I enjoy a variety of music, but my favorites are hip-hop/rap and R&B.

If you wonder what I enjoy when I am just being myself and living this thing called life:
I love to read! I absolutely love getting completely lost in a book and having it come to life within your mind. I also enjoy gaming on both PS4, and PC. One of my favorite activities is exploring the outdoors with my dog, I own a Rhodesian Ridgeback. I believe animals are amazing creatures and I truly enjoy having a dog as a lifelong companion. I enjoy living with nature and enjoying the outdoors whenever I can. I enjoy hiking in the beautiful PNW, skiing during winter and bicycling in the summer. I really think finding peace in nature something that everyone should experience. I also enjoy puzzles, and many intellectually stimulating games.

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