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I am originally from the Northeast area of the US. I came into the world in New Hampshire and then grew up in Vermont. I grew up in a rural town full of small minds and loud mouths and I did not fit in. However, my parents filled my childhood with good values and a loving household. I am half Mexican, as my father was born and raised in Mexico. I am also Scottish and Native American. Yes I know, I know the Scottish ancestry is more prominent, hence my overall looks.

Having grown up an only child, I have always been very fierce, independent and confident in nature. I have a real lust for learning and love to fill myself with knowledge on a variety of topics. I pride myself on expanding my brain with facts supported with true evidence. Learning is the key to life and we should never stop growing mentally. Till the day we die, and maybe even in that moment… there is always something to learn.

Speaking of my desire to learn, I hold a B.S in Psychology. I have always been greatly intrigued by the neurobiology of the human psyche. This was my first degree I earned as an young adult, and it really gave me what I needed to open my own mind to my true self and live a much better life. While I have learned Psychology there are simple principles of being human that I believe in and practice. Those principles are that kindness and consideration towards all people you meet is the key to a better world.

I also hold a B.S in Physics. I am incredibly intrigued by all natural sciences and Physics is my absolute favorite. It also made sense as I will need a good base in understanding physics in order to complete the Graduate's Degree I am now working on in Astrophysics.

While I am quite fierce, I am also incredibly sensual. I love the moments when I am with someone and they learn to accept themselves and let their desires flow and unfold naturally. This new feeling of freedom is what I try to make sure I provide in all my sessions. If you are lucky enough and I allow it, I encourage you to be open, honest, comfortable and to allow yourself to experience an incredibly sensual connection with another human being. Human connection both physical and non physical are very important to all people and I love spreading that pleasure and knowledge with you.

Places I'd love to visit:

I have visited all over the world,
but there are still have places I'd love to go!

I have visited:
South Korea

I would love to visit:
Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland). The gorgeous land and Northern Lights have to be seen in person! New Zealand, I'd love to see the amazing landscapes that were filmed in The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. Australia, because their culture and country are beautiful and I'd love to see the Gold Coast. Italy, Croatia, good food and beautiful beaches. I'd also love to see the vast aspects of Italy,both countryside,city, and ocean cliffs.

Should you wish to bring something for me upon our meeting some of my favorite drinks are flavored Perrier, and Chai Tea. I also love Taco Chukis, and chocolate or regular croissants. I also love books, and you can find my wishlist here
Cash tips are also welcomed!

Some of my favorite things are:

My favorite fiction book is
The Giver Quartet by Lois Lowry

My favorite non fiction book is
The Demon Haunted World, by Carl Sagan

My favorite food is Tacos.

Favorite wine is Riesling
I prefer light and fruity, the best Rieslings are German.

My favorite color is green.

I enjoy a variety of music, but my favorites are R&B and hip-hop/rap.(Think old school late 80's and early 90's).

If you wonder what I enjoy when I am just being myself and living this thing called life:
I love to read! I absolutely love getting completely lost in a book and having it come to life within your mind. I also enjoy gaming on both PS4, and PC. One of my favorite activities is exploring the outdoors with my dog, I own a Rhodesian Ridgeback. I believe animals are amazing creatures, and truly enjoy having a dog as a lifelong companion. Living fully with nature and enjoying the great outdoors is very important to me. I enjoy hiking in the beautiful PNW, skiing during winter and bicycling in the summer. I really think it's something that everyone should experience. I'm also into puzzles, and any intellectually stimulating games.

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